The Perfect Solution For Every Dad Who Wants To Live in dominance & Start Building A Powerful, Athletic Physique 
In just 7 days...

At Last…The Secret Of Living In Full Dominance REVEALED...

How To Overcome Low Energy, & Build Your Powerful, Athletic Physique... Even If You Feel You Are Getting Too Old, Have Too Much Weight To Lose, Or Will Never Get Back To Your Best Body!

all yours for free!

all yours for free!

Here’s what you’ll experience with this 7-Day Domination Checklist…
  • Unleash your dormant reserves of strength, determination, & domination
  • Develop powerful coping strategies for handling stress & setbacks so you can WIN
  • ​Create powerful habits that promote mental and physical strength & well-being
  • Establish a personalized roadmap for maintaining dominance in the long run
  • Build a supportive network to help you navigate & overcome challenges
You'll uncover how to dominate even when you feel defeated!

Everett Shipmon

Fitness Coach, Speaker, Mentor

I believe you have greatness in you. 

I believe fitness is the vehicle to achieve anything you want in life.

So, I train to become my best version. Everyday.

And you should too.

Take charge of your fitness.  

It's time for you to DOMINATE.


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